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Archive for September, 2010

  • Waste Not Want Not

    Waste Not Want Not

    To aid the Jamaican government’s quest in following the UN’s charter of Tourism we thought we’d aid this by pointing out our mistakes so that we can learn for the future

  • Birding About Jamaica

    Birding About Jamaica

    Jamaica's greenest hotel recently played host to the New York Times sister company & their Guide to Birding & Wild Birds, read their review

  • Guest’s Feedback via TV

    Guest’s Feedback via TV

    Would you like to watch what one of our past guests thinks of Hotel Mockingbird Hill & Jamaica as a holiday destination?

  • Airbrushing & the Eye of the Beholder

    Airbrushing & the Eye of the Beholder

    Bemused” often describes the feeling that Jamaicans have when reading the international tabloids’ portrayal of our holiday isle

  • Jamaica Guide Book

    Jamaica Guide Book

    Roland E Jung’s bi-lingual English & German guide book Jamaika is our favourite guide book

  • 65% Powered by the Sun

    65% Powered by the Sun

    Our eco credentials have grown and our carbon footprint decreased by the recent addition of a further 18 solar panels & 6000-watt inverter system now installed at Hotel Mockingbird Hill.