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More than the Beach Blog

  • Exemplifying Carbon Footprint Reduction in Jamaica

    Exemplifying Carbon Footprint Reduction in Jamaica

    Hotel Mocking bird Hill has achieved another step in its efforts towards improving levels of self-sufficiency and sustainability which we believe coincides perfectly for the UN talks in Cophengan on climate change to be held in December.

  • Protect Pellew Island

    Protect Pellew Island

    Pellew island sits at one end of a coral reef, which protects the San San Bay. It is surrounded by healthy sea grass beds and wonderful swimming areas. Jamaicans and visitors alike visit the island by boat, laze on the small beach, snorkel at the nearby reef and generally enjoy the gorgeous setting.

  • Pioneering Green Tourism Winners!

    Pioneering Green Tourism Winners!

    Who says a green way of sustainable tourism doesn't bring results, we have just won our second award this year this time for displaying the highest calibre of entrepreneurship at the Jamaican leg of the Pioneers of Prosperity Awards!

  • Breakfast Comes Free

    Breakfast Comes Free

    We are proud of our organic energising breakfasts; from Coconut bread to Banana Tofu Fritters, Pumpkin Waffles to Semolina Pancakes with Poached Papaya

  • Jamaican Birding Holidays that Protect Habitats

    Jamaican Birding Holidays that Protect Habitats

    A little-spoken fact about the rich island of Jamaica is that the island

  • Drumming up a Good Story on a Saturday Night

    Drumming up a Good Story on a Saturday Night

    If you are in Port Antonio on Saturday 13th June and are partial to some laid-back storytelling & hypnotic drumming, we recommend a visit up to the Maroon Red Bones Cafe in Charles Town for the evening.

  • Best Kept Secret Jamaica Winner!

    Best Kept Secret Jamaica Winner!

    We've just been voted winners of Jamaica's Best Kept Secret at the Jamaica Observer's Food Awards so you can imagine how big the smiles are this weekend amongst the team

  • Getting to Jamaica

    Getting to Jamaica

    There are many airlines that fly to Jamaica. Many of the airlines flying to Jamaica are charter airlines and arrive in Montego Bay. There are two international airports, in Kingston, Jamaica, the Norman Manley International (KIN) and in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the Donald Sangster International (MBJ)

  • FAQ for a Jamaica Holiday

    FAQ for a Jamaica Holiday

    We are often asked many questions about Jamaica, questions about the cost of living in Jamaica, about transportation, taxi fares, safety and crime. In order to assist you, we have answered some questions often posed to us. We hope this will enable you to appreciate Jamaica and the Jamaican culture.

  • Green Travel Tips

    Green Travel Tips

    There are a number of things that you can do to reduce the environmental footprint of your vacation and make it more ecofriendly. We have put together a number of green traveller tips for you. Please let us know if you have a green travel tip that you would like to share.

  • Travel Tips to Jamaica

    Travel Tips to Jamaica

    These useful travel tips will assist you with your preparations for your vacation in Jamaica before you leave home.

  • The Nanny of a Day Trip

    The Nanny of a Day Trip

    A charming Colonel will trace for you the history of the Maroons, whose Ghanian ancestors have contributed so much to Jamaica’s culture. You'll learn all about our first leading lady, no not Grace Jones

  • Sea & Mountain Escape

    Sea & Mountain Escape

    We have teamed up with Lime Tree Farm to provide the unique Sea & Mountains Escape - an incredible Caribbean holiday that is off the beaten track & explores 2 complementary Jamaican landscapes

  • Sweet not Sour Holiday Offer

    Sweet not Sour Holiday Offer

    Dreaming of a holiday in an intimate hideaway on Jamaica's lush and peaceful northeast coast, but suffering from the 'crunch'? How does 7 nights for the price of 6