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A Breakfast to Leave you Satiated and Content

At Hotel Mockingbird Hill’s Mille Fleurs Restaurant we are proud of our energising breakfasts. Luscious, wholesome breakfasts that leave you satiated and keep you going throughout the day as you explore the lush, tropical oasis of peaceful Port Antonio.

You can select from light choices such as a Breakfast Sundae or a Fitness Breakfast to a Breakfast Burger or for those with a sweet tooth, Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream. Or just go for it with the favourite full Mille Fleurs Breakfast: fruit, cheese, muesli, eggs, juice and home baked bread.

For those that prefer something savoury in the mornings to kick-start the day, we recommend trying one of our many piquant dishes which offer a combination of Jamaican produce and traditional breakfast items like the Country Breakfast: scrambled eggs, Callaloo (Jamaican spinach), feta cheese & tomatoes or the Blue Mountain Breakfast: poached eggs, Shrimps in creamy Callaloo, Bammy and Fried Plantain!

We guarantee that all our breakfasts taste wonderful and are certainly different from the usual bowl of cornflakes back home.

At the Mille Fleurs Restaurant our breakfasts include light options such as:

  •  Breakfast Sundae
  •  Fitness Breakfast
  •  Cinnamon Whirls with Banana Oat Smoothie.

You can also enjoy a full breakfast, The Mille Fleurs Breakfast: fruit, muesli and yoghurt, home-made breads, cheese and eggs to order.

And if you have a sweet tooth there is plenty to choose from:

  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream
  • Banana & Pecan Pancakes with Honey
  • Waffles with Fruit Compote and Cream
  • Caramalised Bananas with Cinnamon Toast

For those that prefer a hearty, savoury start to the day, there’s a choice for you as well:

  • Breakfast Burger
  • Country Breakfast
  • Mocking Bird Breakfast
  • Jamenglish Breakfast

And of course Eggs to order.

All breakfast selections are served with complimentary coffee or tea.

Breakfast prices range from US$ 10.00 for the light breakfasts to US$ 19.00 for the savoury options and US$ 26.00 for the full Mille Fleurs Breakfast.


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