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Day-O Invitation to the Perfect Picnic

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Hotel Mockingbird Hill Picnic

We’re celebrating 50 years of Jamaican Independence and 20 years of Mocking Bird Hill this summer by giving our guests a complimentary picnic to enjoy whilst having a lazy day at one of Port Antonio’s beaches or up rambling in the nearby Blue Mountains.

Everyone at Mocking Bird Hill takes such pride in Jamaica’s outstanding beauty up on its north east coast and what better way to celebrate the island’s freedom than a feast for the eyes as well as the belly.

Al fresco eating is one simple pleasure that we all too often neglect but when on holiday it becomes one of those savoured luxuries that you look back on with such fond memories, easily remembering intense flavours under a bright blue sky.

Beyond succulent free-range roast chicken farmed by Ms Melita Cousins and veggie & fruit sticks our picnic hampers will include Callallo quiche, Calloo being Amaranthus, what Jamaican’s regard as spinach but sweeter in taste.  We like the original Greek for this, it means “unfading”, something we hope Jamaica and Mocking Bird Hill continue to be.

Homemade slices of exquisitely moist Coffee & Rum Cake made from Blue Mountain Coffee, the world’s most expensive coffee, Appleton’s finest Jamaican rum and sweetened with organic Jamaican brown sugar, all a nod to the island’s colonial past.

A thermos of chilled freshly squeezed juice, and plenty of local Fair Trade sweet bananas ensures you get your 5 a day in one sitting.  It was the Spanish that originally brought bananas to Jamaica in the 16th century and with the arrival of the US United Fruit Company in the early C20th, growing and exporting our yellow gold, Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) recorded by Harry Belfonte became one of Jamaica’s most famous Mento exports.

Offer is open to guests staying for a mimimum of 3 nights who have booked directly via the website


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