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Port Antonio Clipper Package

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clipper copyJamaica Explorations is delighted to offer Clipper crews participating in the 1500 mn America Coast to Coast race that will begin in the Errol Flynn Marina Port Antonio and finish in New York, May 2o14 a superb itinerary for their Port Antonio stay.

Reach Falls
[one_half][/one_half] [one_half last]All day trip with return transfer to Reach Falls with stops at Long Bay and Portland's famous jerk centre Boston Bay on the way back. Entrance and guide fees with a chicken or fish picnic lunch included. [clear]
Price: $55.75 per person


Rio Grande Rafting
Price $82 based on 2 people sharing; $36 for a single raft
[/one_half] [one_half last] A return transfer which includes a short hike through a small traditional village, banana fields and woodland along a stream to McKenzie Waterfalls where you'll enjoy a snack of coconuts and sugarcane to help boast energy levels. Following a swim in the river and a natural natural shoulder massage under the falls you'll continue with a lazy, gentle ride down the Rio Grande ( like punting) on a bamboo raft which your “Captain” poles while you enjoy the beautiful landscape. The journey stops midway to stretch your legs, swim in the river and sample a rustic, traditional Jamaican lunch of chicken or fish cooked on the river side. Note: Price for rafting is based on 2 persons per raft. All day trip with 09.00 am departure. [/one_half] [clear]

Clonmel & Richmond Artisan Tour
[one_half][/one_half] [one_half last] A tour to off-the beaten-path Clonmel and Richmond to visit Jamaica's famous arts and craft centre and its artisans reknown for their pottery, hand drawn linen, "Hardanger" lace. Experience the warmth of Jamaicans in their home with a delicious Jamaican afternoon tea served by the Crum Ewings at Crum Cottage near Greencastle. Packed lunch is provided. All day trip with early 08.30 am departure. [/one_half] [clear]
Price: $102.00
Jamaican Cookery Class & Lunch at Mocking Bird Hill
[one_half] [/one_half] [one_half last]
How to whip up fine Jamaican cuisine.... especially adapted for the Clipper Crew so utilising tins! . A jar of home-made Jerk Sauce will be gifted to each guest for you to spice up the food on your next leg. Beverages are extra and to be settled individually. The lesson starts at 11.00 am and lasts approximately 2.5-3 hours followed by lunch
 [/one_half] [clear]
Price: $75
Blue Mountain Coffee & Charles Town Tour
[one_half][/one_half] [one_half last] A round trip tour  into the stunning Blue Mountains to visit its most acclaimed boutique coffee estate.  Escorted by a local guide who specialises in flora and fauna you'll hike and visit a nearby small mountain village.  You'll stop at Charles Town to see their Maroon Museum and experience their famous traditional drumming and dancing. A packed lunch is provided. An all day trip with a 08.30 am departure. [/one_half] [clear]
Price: $99.75
Port Antonio Shuttle

Jamaica Explorations will also be offering clipper crews  shuttles to Port Antonio’s best beaches  and attractions.


Zone 3:

One Return transfer to the Marina from the area Boston to Blue Lagoon : US$ 20 per person / per day
If the guests buy tickets for 5 days in advance then the price is 90.00 for the 5 days, US$ 18.00 per day.

Zone 2 :

One Return transfer to the Marina from San San area to the Trident : US$ 15.00 per person/ per day
If guests buy tickets for 5 days in advance then the price is $67.50 for the 5 days, US$ 13.50 per day.

Zone 1 :

One return transfer to the Marina from the Titchfield area in Port Antonio US$ 5.00 per person/per day
5 people sharing there is a there is a 10% discount.


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