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Travel Tips to Jamaica

/ Jamaica Travel Tips

These useful travel tips will assist you with your preparations for your vacation before you leave home.

Visas & Documents

  • Passports
    All visitors require a valid passport.
  • Visas
    No visas are required for entry to Jamaica for citizens of European countries, (including Turkey), the USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Israel.
  • Travel Permits
    No travel permits are required. However, you’ll need to fill out an immigration card upon arrival and return it when you depart.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel insurance is advisable to safeguard against any possible mishaps or situations that may occur that are beyond your control. The insurance will also cover any cancellation penalties that you might be faced with due to delays in your travel arrangements, etc.
  • Onward Tickets
    Immigration formalities require that you show a return or ongoing airline ticket when arriving in Jamaica. Passports should be valid six months from date of arrival. (Check the expiration date of your passport before departing for Jamaica.)Things to avoid
  • Sandflies on the beaches, which are at their most ferocious in the late afternoon. (If you do get bitten, rubbing over-proof rum helps to ease the itching, in case that doesn’t work you could just drink a little!!!)
  • Getting caught in the rain without a rain jacket. Bring a foldable umbrella with you. It is light, easy and useful – and at the end of your stay it is a useful gift that will be much appreciated by the lucky person you choose to give it to.
  • Getting burnt while lazily rafting down the Rio Grande. Do not underestimate the sun. Wear a hat and apply ample suntan especially around your ankles and knees which one normally forgets but gets exposed while sitting on the raft.
  • Buying lots of plastic bottles with drinking water. Most hotels will happily refill your bottle with good drinking water. The residents of the area are making a concerted effort to reduce garbage – help them.
  • People are sensitive about being photographed without permission. If you want to take photographs of people please ask them first. This will avoid an unpleasant tirade and lead to an interesting interaction with your subject.
  • As in any other destination, be cautious and avoid walking on dark or lonely roads at night.
  • Avoid getting duped into buying special “Coconut Oil” to give you a special tan. In reality coconut oil makes you burn.
  • Avoid the “spliff” on the beach. Marijuana is illegal in Jamaica and being caught with the ‘herb’ could lead to a night in jail and a day in court- and perhaps waiting days till the case is heard in court!Tips to travel smart
  • If you are not sure about the quality of the water then request your drinks without any ice. If the drink is nevertheless served with ice, remove it as quickly as possible. This is especially important for roadside stands and shops.
  • Always ensure that you have enough change in local currency before the weekend. There are cambios in the Port Antonio but they tend to be very busy on the weekends. No one wants to spend his or her holiday in a bank or cambio so try to avoid the rush.
  • Remember to your camera. It would be a shame to miss any of the great photo opportunities here.
  • Remember to bring insect repellent.
  • You will be approached by people selling wares and various services . If you’re not interested in purchasing anything, then say so firmly and politely. Do not mistake persistence with harassment. Just be firm and you will be left alone.
  • It’s a good idea to carry a copy of your passport around with you leaving your original document in the hotel’s safety deposit box along with your other valuables.
  • Do not disclose where you are staying to persons you meet on the beaches and at other attractions. This serves both for your own safety and prevents persistent “sellers” phoning the hotel or coming to the hotel to corner you to go with them or buy their products.
  • It is worth your while to check whether persons offering you various services, whether rafting, boat rides along Blue Lagoon, taxis etc. are registered and licensed. This is of great value should anything go wrong. A wonderful boat ride can turn into a nightmare if, when needed, you establish that the persons concerned were not insured and you therefore cannot make any claims.We would like you to enjoy your vacation as much as possible. One of the best ways of ensuring that your holiday experience meets if not exceeds your expectations is to prepare yourself as well as you can. Remember, every country has its own culture and customs. Accepting and respecting them will make your experiences more enjoyable.

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